Does Kaepernick Want to Play or Get Attention?

Saturday's workout put together by the NFL at the Atlanta Falcons facility did not happen but free agent quarterback, Colin Kaepernick did have a workout.    

Three hours before the planned event, Kaepernick and his representatives switched gears and told the NFL no thank you due to several differences on how he felt it should be handled. The controversial quarterback who has basically been silent for the past three years said he wanted the session to be made public and wanted the media to attend.  He also said he didn't want to sign a waiver and wanted his own receivers at the workout.  Instead he took his ball and his crew with about eight NFL team reps and went to a local high school field outside of Atlanta.  


Kaepernick's representatives have been campaigning to get him back in the league and on an NFL roster.   They claim that teams had very little interest over the past two years and communication has been silent.  The NFL decided to put on the workout at their own expense which would  include recording  the proceedings and making the video available to all 32 teams and allowing teams to interview him.  

After the last minute snub, one must wonder why would anyone who truly wants to be back in the league walk out on 25 teams? ; the number of reported scheduled to attend the event.    

His workout was streamed live and he made a statement afterward saying he wanted everyone to be able to see his workout and bashed the league was trying to help him.  Not realizing that it is privilege to be playing in the NFL, he should be more concerned about being on good terms with his perspective employer and going along with what is perceived as a good-will gesture in helping him get back in the league and earning a living.   

No NFL personnel has commented as of yet on what is next for Kaepernick and if his about-face on Saturday will have an ill-affect to any team willing to sign him but it does raise the question, if  he really does want to play football or if he  is just looking for attention and being a martyr. 


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